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Mabel Yap
A graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, Mabel majored in Moving Images. With her passion for multimedia and arts, she wishes to explore different creative methods of expressing and getting information across people.
Jaiesh Sachi
Contemplating the mysteries of existence.
Desmond Ang
Desmond is probably the best meat-eater in the office, and often sweats too much over the small things in life. On non-office hours, he can be found at home playing video games with his wife-to-be, and doting on the family cat. His spirit animal is a Snorlax.
Nizam Neti
Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life! :)
Aizil Bin A.Rahim
Be somebody nobody thought you could be. Be positive, keep fit and stay humble.
Ang Jing Mei Eline
I am silently judging your font choice and looking out for alignment.
Yuslina Aziz
I write yusfulthings.
Muhamad Khair Bin Mas'od

Olivier Lee

Amni Amran

Jamie Ang
The Fool – New Beginnings
Mike Tan
Learning all about the Home Team! :)