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July 29, 2016 Friday | Last updated on 28/07/2016 6:34PM (Singapore)
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Published: 24 Jul 2012 10:00AM (Singapore)
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Help Faithful Police Dogs Retire to the Good Life
The Singapore Police K-9 Unit is putting up six retired working dogs for adoption in July 2012. These dogs have demonstrated the true meaning of partnership in their work with the Home Team. They have helped make Singapore a safe and secure home. It is now our turn to find each of them one.
By Loh Jin Feng

Akim 1 served the Singapore Police Force as a General Purpose guard dog before becoming a Security dog. He officially retired in July 2012. Help us find him and fellow retired dogs a safe and secure home. PHOTO: Singapore Police K-9 Unit

Akim 1 almost could not make the cut to become a Police K-9 Unit’s General Purpose guard dog some six years ago.

The K-9 Unit’s Senior Trainer, Station Inspector (SI) A Mahadavan, still remembers that training day vividly.

It was the German Shepherd’s first man-work training session for the General Purpose guard dog course. 

Under SI Mahadavan’s guidance, the assigned handler was to give a command for Akim 1 to give chase and subdue an officer who acted as a suspicious character.

The target officer was covered with protective gear to prevent injuries during the training exercise.

Akim 1, however, did not react promptly at the handler’s first command.

When he finally moved, he ran and chased after another officer who was assisting with the training.  

“We immediately commanded him to halt,” recalls SI Mahadavan.

Akim 1 heard the command and stopped running.

Despite the first awkward training session, Akim 1 went on to do very well for the subsequent training sessions.

He eventually graduated as a General Purpose guard dog.

For six years of its working life, Akim 1 patrolled the streets, guarded gazetted places and had even escorted inmates from one block to another on prisons ground.

He has served the Home Team and Singapore wholeheartedly.

In July 2012, Akim 1 retired from service officially.

SI Mahadavan also assessed Akim 1 to determine whether he is suitable to be put up for adoption.

 “Akim 1 is an obedient dog with a good temperament. He is suitable for families with kids,” he concludes.

The Singapore Police K-9 Unit has put six retired working dogs up for adoption in July 2012.

Among them are also former narcotics detector dogs and explosive detector dogs.

All these dogs are professionally trained to be obedient.

They have great temperament and like nothing more than to have one or two good games with their owners.

Jakie is one of the retired dogs that are put up for adoption in July 2012. He was a former Explosive Detector dog. PHOTO: Loh Jin Feng

SI Mahadavan has been serving the Police K-9 Unit for 27 years.

He has trained countless of Police dogs, including Akim 1, in his career.

Senior Trainer, SI Mahadavan has witnessed Akim 1 advance through the various stages of his working life as a Police dog. From a young dog to a working Police guard dog, Akim 1 has helped to keep Singapore safe and secure. SI Mahadavan wants this faithful partner to have a good retirement life. PHOTO: Loh Jin Feng

Given the endearing bonds he has forged with each of these retired dogs, SI Mahadavan wishes that they will find a good home to live in.

 “These dogs have served the Singapore Police Force all their lives and they have helped to make Singapore a safe and secure home,” he shares.

“Now that they are retired, I want them to enjoy their golden years.”

Please help us to provide each of these retired dogs with a safe, loving and caring new home so that they may retire with pride and dignity.

Interested parties may email the Police K-9 Unit at [email protected] for more details.

You may also help amplify our efforts to get these dogs one step closer to a new family by sharing about them among your contacts.


For the adoption of a retired Police dog, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

a) The applicant must be at least 18 years old; and

b) The breeds available are not HDB-approval. For the adoption of dog breeds to be kept at non-HDB residential premises, the applicant must not have three dogs or more kept at the same address (with the exception of dogs belonging to Part I or Part II of the potentially dangerous dogs listed in the Second Schedule under the Dog Licensing and Control Rules; only one dog from Part I or Part II of the Second Schedule is permitted to be kept in a premise).

The applicant must be able to comply with the following conditions:

a) The dog shall not be used for working purposes and shall only be kept as a personal house pet;

b) The dog shall not be used for breeding;

c) The applicant agrees to provide the dog with adequate healthcare, food and proper shelter;

d) The applicant shall take necessary measures to prevent the dog from causing injury to a person or an animal;

e) The applicant must obtain a dog licence from the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA); and

f) The applicant must comply with the AVA’s rules and regulations upon the successful adoption of the dog.

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