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August 29, 2016 Monday | Last updated on 29/08/2016 8:17PM (Singapore)
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Published: 02 May 2012 06:28PM (Singapore)
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Are you game for the SAFE Challenge?
Do you have an innovative idea that can help improve safety and security in Singapore? The Home Team wants to hear from you. Find out how you can play a part in making Singapore a safer home.
By Home Team News


Every individual can play a part in making Singapore a safer home.

This is because keeping Singapore safe and secure is a partnership and responsibility of both the government and the community.

That is why the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) initiated the Security Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) programme.

In collaboration with Home Team departments, the SAFE programme invites studentsfromprimary, secondary schools and tertiary institutionsto identify a safety and security issue or problem and then propose a creative solution.

Ideas shortlisted will be provided seed money to develop a working prototype and compete at the SAFE Challenge 2012 to be held in conjunction with the Home Team Innovation Festival (InnoFest) towards the end of the year.

The SAFE organising committee hopes that through the SAFE Challenge, youths can become more aware about the safety and security challenges faced by Singapore and the Home Team.

Through innovation and creativity, students can also play their part to make Singapore safe and secure by offering solutions to address some of these challenges.

Since its launch in January 2009, the programme has received increasingly good responses.

In 2011, the Home Team InnoFest saw a record of over 1500 participants and 50 project booths showcasing safety and security projects done by students and the Home Team.

Do you have an innovative idea?

Don’t hesitate, come and take up the SAFE Challenge today! 

Attractive prizes are up for grabs!

The SAFE Challenge 2012’s rules and regulations:

The programme is open to all students from:

·  Primary Schools

·  Secondary Schools

·  ITE Colleges/Polytechnics

Project Teams can choose to work on any of the areas under the 3 broad themes listed below:

Home Team Operations

The project is aimed at improving the operations of the Home Team.

Key Areas:

  • Security Operations and Patrol
    • Youth Crime
    • Burglar Prevention
    • Unlicensed money lending and harassment
    • Shop Theft/Bicycle Theft/Motor Vehicle Theft/Snatch Theft.
    • Terrorism
  • Fire Safety and Enforcement
  • Checkpoint Operations
  • Prisons Rehabilitation
  • Home Team Training and Learning

Public Safety

The project is aimed at improving public safety.

Key Areas:

  • Home Safety
  • Transport Safety
  • Workplace Safety
  • Elderly Safety
  • Youth & Schools Safety
  • Internet Safety

Community Engagement

The project is aimed at improving the outreach efforts by the Home Team to the public.

Key Areas:

  • Web / Mobile Applications
  • Multimedia Presentations / Animations

For more information, please download the information package here.

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