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February 14, 2016 Sunday | Last updated on 12/02/2016 3:13PM (Singapore)
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Home / People / HT Officers / A Home Team Career: It’s more than a job  
Published: 22 Mar 2012 10:08AM (Singapore)
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A Home Team Career: It’s more than a job
Working at the Ministry of Home Affairs has never been dull as there is always something new to see and learn every day reflects Jin Feng who has been with the Ministry for eight years. Covering the Home Team Career Fair 2012 reminds her of that fact and she recounts all the buzz.
By Loh Jin Feng

Admire the Home Team's real heroes and wanted to be updated with their real stories? Come and follow Home Team News on Twitter - @hometeamnews. PHOTO: Loh Jin Feng

Many of us in the newsroom were on duty on 9 and 10 March to cover the Home Team Career Fair 2012 at Ngee Ann City's Civic Plaza.

There were some sighs initially as the IT fair was also held on the same weekend.

Any moanings we might have had disappeared as soon as we set foot at the Home Team Career Fair site.

Without looking at the main stage banner, one would have thought the Home Team had staged a carnival.

There were many captivating exhibitions on display and interesting activities for visitors to participate in.

In fact, the Home Team had prepared something for everyone and not just for career seekers.

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) fans had a field day at the Singapore Police Force and Central Narcotics Bureau's booths, trying various forensic equipment.

The Singapore Prisons Service and Singapore Civil Defence Force's supersized command vehicles were the hottest exhibits among the children and adult petrolheads.

Visitors could also see if they were sharp enough to spot illegal goods hiding in nooks and cranies of vehicles at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority booth.

As if these exhibitions and activities wasn't enticing enough, officers from various Home Team Departments put up a number of live demonstrations and performances practically every hour!

Those two days I was on duty really did not feel like I was working at all.

It felt more like attending a carnival with friends.

Home Team News also had a little publicity campaign going on at the side of the Home Team Career Fair 2012. To raise public awareness of Home Team News' social media pages, we designed some placards printed with the addresses of the social media pages for members of public to take photos with. Home Team News' Charissa Tan (left) and Sidwyn Koh (right) posing with the Home Team News' social media placards. PHOTO: Loh Jin Feng

To keep everyone updated amids the hustle and bustle, we gave hourly updates of the happenings on our Facebook page.

We were most encouraged when some of Home Team News' Facebook followers decided to drop by and show their support after reading our shout-outs on the Facebook page.

For these visitors, we arranged a special photo-opportunity. 

The Singapore Police Force K-9 Unit officers with Home Team News Facebook's followers Tan Yu Ren, Tan Yu Feng and Yip Xuan Yu. PHOTO: Loh Jin Feng

I hope they were pleased with our arrangement. :)

At the Home Awards and Degree Sponsorship ceremony which was held at the fair on 10 March 2012, Second Minister of Home Affairs, Mr S Iswaran said “Life in the Home Team is never dull. You will learn new skills, face new situations, get out of your comfort zone and work with other Home Team officers and the community – in order to fulfill our important mission to keep Singapore safe and secure.”

Indeed eight years and counting with the Ministry, my work life has never been dull.

There is always something new to see and learn every day.

It reminded me of an advice from my boss when I first started working in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

“You don’t just have a job with the Home Team. Instead, you have a career,” she said. 

Many years have passed since then but her words still resonate with me.

Check out more photos of the buzz at the Home Team Career Fair. 

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