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May 5, 2016 Thursday | Last updated on 04/05/2016 4:45PM (Singapore)
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Home / Features / Heritage / "Home Team Photos for the Future" launched at Home Team Gallery  
Published: 29 Feb 2012 07:20AM (Singapore)
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"Home Team Photos for the Future" launched at Home Team Gallery
The winners of the "Home Team Photos for the Future" competition walked away beaming with their prizes. Their prize winning photos were launched at the Home Team Gallery.
By Heritage Development Unit

Held from May to Oct 2012, the aim of the "Home Team Photos for the Future" competition is to encourage greater consciousness and effort to preserve the Home Team's  rich heritage through mediums such as photo images.   

Officers from various Home Team Departments and different schemes of services participated in the competition organised by the Ministry of Home Affairs Heritage Development Unit (MHA HDU).

10 emerged tops and walked away with prizes on the 31 January 2012 at a ceremony.

The prizes were presented at the Home Team Gallery by  Mr Derek Pereira, Chief Executive of the Home Team Academy and Vice-Chairman, Ministry of Home Affairs Heritage Steering Committee.

Their winning entries were launched at the Home Team Gallery.

From full-time regulars to Home Team National Servicemen and Home Team Cadet Corps officers who sent in their entries, they  have actively helped to contribute towards the building of the Home Team legacy, regardless of a win or whether their shot won a prize or not.

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