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August 25, 2016 Thursday | Last updated on 23/08/2016 11:30AM (Singapore)
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Home / From Our Readers / MHA Dart team clinched 2nd place in Public Service STAR Games  
Published: 31 Aug 2011 10:03AM (Singapore)
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MHA Dart team clinched 2nd place in Public Service STAR Games
The Ministry of Home Affairs Dart team fought back against last year’s 1st runner-up in the Public Service STAR Games to win the silver medal.
By M. Elangovan, Ministry of Home Affairs
The Ministry of Home Affairs Dart team, who won the silver medal in the Public Service STAR Games, is made up of police, civil defence, immigration, prison, SCORE and LTA officers. PHOTO: HUSRA

The trainings and planning for this tournament started about a year ago in 2010 when all our teams got knocked out early.

The spirits were high this year, raring to go.

Regular intensive training started six months early.

All our multi-agency forces involving SCDF, POLICE, ICA, PRISONS, SCORE & LTA together roared down with our strikingly bright red jerseys.

The planning and co-ordination among various agencies to participate in the tournament went on and on meticulously.

We were treated to a nice regular Roti Prata on the morning of 30 July 2011 followed by food and beverages for the rest of the day by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

The sacrifice and time spent by our team players from all agencies have not gone to waste.

We had a strong bond among all our Home United players supporting one another when the tournament started at 10a.m. until the games ended late at night about 9p.m.

MHA Team 1 (MHA 1) faced Ministry of Defence Team 1 (MINDEF 1) when we were drawn to play each other for the first game.

It was a very strong fight as MINDEF 1 was a 1st runner-up last year.

We lost to MINDEF 1 and had to go down to the double knock-out second pool, where losing teams were given another chance advance to the next round of the tournament.

It was a very close fight with the Armed Forces men of Singapore.

We planned our strategies again, worked very hard and prepared to play another 11 games for a chance to get into the finals.

Along the way we faced off with some of the toughest names in Darts history.

We climbed our way up right from the bottom of the tree to face MINDEF 1 again and this time round showed them what the Home Team is made off.

We met the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) in the finals.

SSC had three former National players in their teams.

We fought the battle right to the end loosing marginally.

The Home United Darters graciously won the silver medal in the competition.

We celebrated the victory with hugs and handshakes among all the multi-agencies of MHA.

The Silver medal is indeed an achievement and together we shall set our aims for the Gold medal next year.

Hip Hip hooray, team MHA!
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