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May 31, 2016 Tuesday | Last updated on 31/05/2016 10:50AM (Singapore)
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Published: 29 Jun 2011 06:17PM (Singapore)
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Countdown to The Home Team Convention 2011
Home Team News brings you exclusive previews of what to expect at this year's annual Home Team Convention. In this first installment, find out what never-before-seen footage you can see.
By Haikal Jamari
Visit the Home Team Convention from 15th to 17th July at Suntec City Convention Centre.

Whether it's demonstrating the capabilities of various Home Team agencies or using augmented reality to bring the Home Team closer to the community, there is definitely a plethora of eye-opening highlights at the Home Team Convention 2011 to get excited about.

“Expect the unexpected” is how Mr Jackson Lim, Chairman of Home Team Convention 2011’s organizing committee described what is in store for convention-goers at this year’s event.

One of the exhibits brings you unreleased footage of the Home Team in action, at the Frontlines.
These videos range from crime and fire fighting to drug busting raids.
“These are adrenaline pumping visuals of actual operations which happened so fast, that even TV camera crews couldn't capture - as by the time they reached the incident sites, the operations were over,” said Mr Lim.
The exhibition would be an excellent opportunity for you to get a closer peek into what Home Team agencies do to keep Singapore our safe and secure home.

Entering its third year, the convention promises to be just as exciting as previous years.

What's new this year includes the use of Augmented Reality technology to bring visitors closer to the Home Team's arsenal of cutting-edge machinery like Singapore Civil Defence Force's Multi-Utility Vehicle and the Police's Coastal Patrol Craft

“The exhibition brings together not just the capabilities of our various agencies like the Police, Civil Defence and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, but also brings us, the Home Team, much closer to the community - both physically and mentally - so that we all can forge closer ties and partnerships to protect and save Singapore – together,” said Mr Lim.

The Home Team is recruiting at the convention too.

Whether you are keen to join the Home Team as a regular officer or a volunteer, we are keen to have you to be part of the Home Team.

Can't wait to experience all the excitement? Mark your calendars from the 15th to 17th July for the Home Team Convention at Suntec City Convention Centre!
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