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July 31, 2016 Sunday | Last updated on 29/07/2016 10:43PM (Singapore)
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Home / From Our Readers / An Intern’s Musings: The Goodbye  
Published: 12 Apr 2011 04:56PM (Singapore)
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An Intern’s Musings: The Goodbye
It has been a good 12 weeks and it’s time to say goodbye. Home Team News’ first intern dwells on his time here.
By Mohammad Syafiq
Me (right) conducting an interview on one of my assignments. PHOTO: SPS
It has been a good 12 weeks.

An internship filled with interviews, parades and even volunteering.

I remember arriving at Media Studies Unit’s (MSU) office not knowing what to expect.

Now I leave it with a heart full of experience and knowledge.

After all, if you recall my earlier blog post, I had said, “Involve me and I will understand.”

Now having been involved in multiple projects, I have understood.

But what I shall not forget is my colleagues’ kindness and camaraderie.

Although I was just an intern for just 12 weeks, they treated me like any other member in MSU.

I even got to spend time with them during our corporate retreat.

Man, do I still remember the corporate retreat, especially the team-building part of it.

It was fun! There were various team-building activities.

For me the highlight of the day - paint ball!

That was the first time I actually played paint ball.

Although unnerving, the thought of being shot at was not really encouraging, it turned out to be pure adrenaline fun.

There we were, shooting at each other, colleague against colleague.

Truth be told, I could not see anything through my fogged goggles.

Despite being hit twice, I continued shooting for all it was worth.

Well, at least I managed to take one of my colleagues down!

It is never easy to say goodbye.

A simple “thanks for everything” never suffices the breadth of emotions running through our heads at the point of farewell.

On the other hand, a long-lasting farewell would look too much like a eulogy instead.

Such is life.

We come and meet and then we part.

But this world is too small to say goodbye forever. Even smaller is Singapore, with its 647 square kilometres of land.

Who knows, our paths may cross again.

With this, I take leave of you, gentle reader, and pray for your well-being as I wish you to pray for mine.

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