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September 3, 2014 Wednesday | Last updated on 02/09/2014 10:35PM (Singapore)
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Published: 28 Dec 2011 10:00AM (Singapore)
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Point of Entry returns for season two
Following the successful run of Point of Entry earlier this year, the Channel 5 drama series featuring the work the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority is back for a second season, this time with more action and new characters.
By Tan Yi Wen

The latest drama on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is back on the small screen for the second season.

With a successful first season, Team Epsilon, a fictional group of ICA intelligence officers, is once again back on the streets to tackle the challenges faced by ICA officers.

“MediaCorp came to us again and said that the ratings for Point of Entry season 1 were very good. It was very well-received so I think that's why they came to us again for a second season,” said ICA Senior Public & Internal Communications Executive Inspector (INSP) Rodin Tan.

The show was especially popular with the real ICA officers on the ground.

“I think our officers were quite enthusiastic that finally Mediacorp wants to produce a drama on their work so it boosted their morale,” said INSP Tan.

The second season will include new characters and feature the multi-agency approach of the Home Team in handling immigration and border issues.

Actor Mr Carl Ng, who plays Team Epsilon’s leader Deputy Superintendent Glenn Chua, said: “In season 2, I think they've incorporated a lot more of the other cast members and they each have their own storyline throughout the season.”

“They also covered cases that aren't just ICA-based. They're also from CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) or the Police but ultimately the ICA get involve one way or another,” he added.

Newcomer to the drama series actor Mr Darryl Yong, who plays Team Epsilon’s rookie Matthew Yong, said: “For me, the most exciting thing is we get to see how ICA officers or the special team forces actually work.”

Point of Entry 2 is now showing on Channel 5, Thursdays at 8p.m.

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